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Exclusive Love!

*le sigh*
No one ever updates on this, so ya know what...I'm updating!
I had a dream that involved the SLM Clique! It was lovely. First off, I was at Mongolian BBQ with my mother, and it was my birthday. I went to get my food, but the only thing there was salad. Why? Because the chef had mono. If was horribly dissapointing. At that point, I was supposed to meet Nate and some people to watch 'The Passion'. But when I fianlly got there, it turned out we were rehersing for a show. The same plot as SLM, however, there was different music, and Holly and I actually had parts. I went back to the dressing room, but it started raining in the theatre. I went out to see what was going on, and all of you were soaked. I went down to the dressing room, and changed. Then we all were talking about how fun it was to be a clique and exclude people. So we decided to go on a clique camping trip. Holly and I went brought an inner tube out on the lake. Some people saw us and said we should hook our tube to their jetski. We agreed and had to swim over to the jetski, but while we were swimming we had to hold onto a rope because there was an undertoe. I almost got pulled under. The lady who was their said not to drink the water because if you did, you'd go crazy. "You'll be as crazy as Adam Sandler when he played Katie." I think I know what my subconscience was getting at, but I think it's funny. So we didn't drink the water (which was difficult, seeing as we were swimming in it) and we were going to go on the jetski, but they told us to tie our top to to a ring on the back, but the ring was broken, so we would've gone flying off. So we went up to shore, and realized that we didn't have a tent. Matt was still at his house and hadn't driven up yet, so I said we should call him and tell him to bring one. But Cree said we would manage. Then I realized I forgot my cell charger. However, just then my cell started ringing...however, it was my real phone, and it was my daddy calling and waking me up.
Anyway, I thought it was an interesting dream. hehe. :)
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